5 Best Free Investment Portfolio Tracking Tools in Singapore

investment toolsWhether you are a new or experienced investor, monitoring portfolio is important, especially if you want to earn much from what you have invested.

Investment is not as simple as giving your money away and wait for it to return in a larger amount. You need to track regularly to see whether your portfolio has become fruitful or if you lose money. Through the tracking, you can see your portfolio performance to build strategy for a better performance.

Unfortunately, many are still not aware how important it is to track their portfolio. They check their investment after a long time only to find that a large amount of money they have invested, gone.

With the advancement of technology, it is actually not that difficult to keep track of your investment portfolio. There are a lot of portfolio tracking tools available that give not only information about the market, but also some insights to help you become a better investor.

We have gathered below, our favorite investment tracking tools that are free to use, especially for those who mostly invest in the Singapore market.

  1. Investing Note

Known as the social network for investors, Investment Note is more than just a tracking app. We have previously included Investing Note as one of our recommended investment blogs, now it’s back on this list with its portfolio tracking function.

Real-time stock prices, SGX stocks tracking, your own portfolio watchlist, all the fundamentals are there – except better because you can read updates from other investors where they share investing ideas and insights. Don’t feel quite enough with the provided market insight? Purchase more reports create by experienced investors available at the marketplace.

Apple Store | Google Play Store


  1. Bloomberg

Bloomberg is everybody’s favorite, including ours. If Investing Note is like the social media for investors, Bloomberg is the news portal. It delivers financial and business news updates, only more comprehensive because you get to track your portfolio and watch the stock market prices update as well.

The news updates do not stop at articles, but Bloomberg also has its own TV where you can watch financial analysis, interviews, and even breaking news without having to subscribe to a channel or satellite. Audio files containing analysis and discussion are also available for those who want to enrich themselves in global financial and investment.

All the contents are accessible with app subscription, but each user is eligible for a 30-day trial.

Download: Apple Store | Google Play Store

  1. SGX Mobile

Out of all SGX apps in Google Play Store, SGX Mobile is the only one that is verified. As a part of Asean Exchange, Singapore Exchange’s products and services are already trusted. The mobile app, however, is more focused on stock prices and market data for easier tracking experience, especially for those who invest in SGX-listed companies.

Right from the front page of the app, you can see an overview of the current market, with top 5 advancers and decliners. It also provides market research so that investors can see and evaluate the market condition for better investing practice. There is also a company announcement column to find out more on corporates’ latest official news releases, and most importantly, a watchlist called Favorite List to track your portfolio.

Download: Apple Store | Google Play Store


  1. Yahoo Finance

Personalized portfolio tracking? Checked. Real-time investment news? Checked.

In-app stocks comparison? Now this one is interesting.

Yahoo Finance provides not only abundant financial news and data but also an interactive full chart to compare different stocks that you are interested in, all at once. You can also see each company’s stock real-time performance details including analysis and recommendation, presented in a very neat interface.

Another unique key feature from this app is that it can be linked to your brokerage accounts and perform your trading right in the app. “Manage your portfolio on the go” is really not bluffing.


Download: Apple Store | Google Play Store



Last but not least, there is to complete the list. Similar to the others, it provides real-time market data, personalized portfolio tracking, and also informative financial news. What’s to be highlighted is, however, that this app has an economic calendar to track financial events all over the world. This means that if you are big on attending events where you can gain knowledge or create an offline network of investors, app is the one for you.

The app also comes with an alert system that notifies users not only when there are news release and new events, but also for all 100,000 financial instruments available. It will help to always keep on track with the latest stock update, be it price, volume, or any detail that you want.

Download: Apple Store | Google Play Store


The tools are there, but if you have not been into investment and find that everything is super confusing, you can talk to us. We can have a deep discussion before deciding which investment type is the best for you. At The Finlens, we always aim to provide the best financial solution to our clients with personalized approach.

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