Founder of TheFinLens

TheFinLens was founded by Jasmine, who is one of the youngest and most successful financial advisors in Singapore and this is for one reason: she has helped her clients to make the right financial decisions. Helping her clients is not a job neither is it a chore, but it is her passion that gets her out of bed every morning.

Jasmine became a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) within 15 months and Court of Table (COT) within 27 months of serving her clients. If you are not aware of these terms, they are awards given to top financial advisors and as of now, she has a portfolio of over 1500 clients. (Besides maintaining COT for 4 consecutive years – 2016,2017, 2018 and 2019)

What led her to achieve such a high level of success is the fact that she embraces concept planning and full financial planning rather than just selling financial products to her clients. She offers full financial planning services that provide affordable options and solutions that are able to generate satisfying returns on investment or substantial savings for her clients. She also utilizes concept planning while keeping it simple for her clients to understand.


The Team

While helping people personally, Jasmine has also been building herself a team of passionate and determined individuals that share the same goals. We strive to guide and show our clients how they can secure their future with plans that suit their needs. Our objective is not to just sell insurances, protection or investment plans, but to also educate others and guide them to make smart choices now, for them and their family’s future.

With team spirit, knowledge and experience, we are focused on making intelligent and calculated decisions for our clients. We are also empowered and dedicated to helping our clients to the best of our abilities. We are very well aware that our business is built around people and we believe that every individual assisted is well worth our time and effort. With every action that we take, we take it with honesty, integrity and most importantly, with our client’s best interest in mind.

We aim to get as many people as possible financially protected so that if unfortunately they are met with unforeseen circumstances, money will be the last thing that they should be worried about.


TheFinLens – The Vision

The vision is to be one of the most visited financial blogs in Singapore.


The Mission

The mission is to educate as many people as possible on various aspects of personal finance in Singapore.


How We Write Our Articles

At TheFinLens, we write and publish articles to help you get a clearer understanding of your current financial situation while learning how to grow and secure your future finances. We write not only based on extensive research that not many people with have time to do but also based on personal and eternal experiences. This is to assure you, our readers, that the articles written are catered to answer your concerns and problems with relevant information that will help you clear your doubts.


Why We Write Our Articles

Everything we write about in this financial blog is with an end in mind. We are here to answer your queries and provide you with information so that you are able to make informed decisions on choices that will have an impact in your life including but not limited to CPF schemes, investment planning, insurance planning, retirement planning, health care, housing loans and refinances, taxes, detailed explanation of various terms used in the financial world and even just humble advice about real-life situations for those living in Singapore. Whether it is about ElderShield, CPF minimum sum, endowment plan, CPF investment plans, or MediShield, we will write about it.


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Let us guide you to a safer and brighter future, one step at a time, and one article at a time. We will advise you on the options that you should make, the alternatives that you have, and what you should and should not do based on your current financial situations. If you do have any further enquiries or questions, please feel free to contact us on Facebook, drop us a message via our form on the website or you can even email us at

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